Mariah Carey To Move In With New Boyfriend


Mariah Carey is not into wasting any time when it comes to her love life. Her divorce from Nick Cannon was finalized back in April this year, and she is already talking marriage again, according to sources close to the singer.

So who is the lucky guy? It’s Australian billionaire James Packer, who Carey has been seeing for about five months. And even though they have been officially together for less than half a year. The two are already planning on living together.

After throwing a huge Halloween bash at her house, Carey is getting ready to move her stuff into Packer’s mansion, which is thankfully only located about five minutes away from the house that she’s currently renting.

Packer’s house is going to be getting some redecoration for sure, because when Mariah moves in, she doesn’t just bring her clothes, she brings her furniture, her paintings, and tons of other stuff.

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