Mariah Carey Is Directing A Christmas Movie


There is nothing more adorable than when celebrities – talented or not – decide they can just pick up a job that requires a lifetime of commitment, education and perfecting. This sort of stuff happens all the time and the latest in line of stars to do something like that is Mariah Carey who is reportedly directing a Christmas movie for Hallmark.

What could go wrong? We all remember Mariah’s forays into cinema and how mind-bogglingly great they were. It was only a matter of time before she sat in the director’s chair and it has finally happened. To complicate matters even further, she requested that Lacey Chabert be brought on board so she could reprise her role from Mean Girls. According to Mariah, she was her favorite in that movie and she agreed to direct only when she learned Lacey would star.

We have a strong feeling that it was more of a case where producers told her there was no way she could get Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams or Amanda Seyfried and so she now has to go around saying she loves Lacey the best. Whatever. The movie is called A Christmas Melody so make sure to avoid it when it comes out.

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