Mama June Accused Of Criminal Contempt For Not Paying Child Support


The disturbing facts about the life of Mama June and her family, as seen on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, just keep surfacing.

It seems as though many people kept silent while the show was on, but now that it is canceled new facts about Shannon are emerging.

The latest is that after Shannon’s lover Mark McDaniel sexually molested her daughter Chickadee, the girl was placed under the custody of Shannon’s mother. The court ordered Mama June to pay a measly $100 a month as child support, which she continuously failed to do, until 2009 when the child support she owed added up to over $4,000 and criminal contempt charges were filed.

The case was later dropped which could only mean she finally paid up. Meanwhile, McDaniel is now free after having spent ten years in prison and Mama June is suspected of seeing him again, despite the fact that he was in prison for molesting her child.

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