Maisie Williams Denies Marriage


Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has actually sworn off marriage since she’s been a witness to her parents’ divorce.

This 16-year old rising star understands why people get married, but she doesn’t see a reason for it.

She said to,

“I’m never going to get married. Right now, my view on marriage is that it’s extremely pointless. I see why other people get married, but for me, I’ll never get married…”


“My parents separated when I was really, really young, and it’s just the complications of it all. My dad’s name is Williams, and my mom’s new married name is Frances, but she was a Pitt, which is her maiden name. Had I just been a Pitt the whole time, then that whole thing, changing names wouldn’t be necessary. In my opinion, nothing changes after you get married. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Williams also reveals the idea of marriage makes her feel “trapped.”

She finishes,

“Maybe when I fall in love, I’ll change my mind, but right now? It just makes it harder to break up. You can’t just leave. I’d never want to be trapped. I never like to stay in one place too long. I always flit around, I never settle anywhere.”

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