Magazine Proves Britney’s Fabulous Abs Are Real Deal

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After the cover of the Women’s Health January/February issue was revealed, which will be available as of Tuesday, haters and trolls were quick to judge Ms. Spears’ abs as fake or photoshopped, saying there’s no way she looks that good.

The magazine was happy to share a behind-the-scenes video from the cover page photoshoot, which instantly shut down those envious voices.

Britney revealed that she has no problem with working out and that she, in fact, needs to keep busy. The diva revealed that her great shape is the result of working out in the gym, swimming and doing yoga.

She says she usually starts with cardio, then proceeds with some light free weights and body weight exercises and finishes with some stretching.

When she can’t find the time to go to the gym, she makes sure to do some laps in the pool or at least do some yoga.

Check out the extended, behind the scenes clip below:


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