Madonna’s Biggest Wish Comes True As She Meets President Barack Obama


One of Madonna’s biggest wishes was to meet Barack Obama and her wish finally came true yesterday. You might be surprised that the icon of controversy has such a mainstream American wish, but she does and Jimmy Fallon made it happen for her, US Weekly reports.

Obama is known to be quite a chillaxed guy, so he had no problem meeting the pop star backstage at the “The Tonight Show.” Needless to say that Madonna was more than thrilled to find out that they are both going to be featured in tonight’s episode of the show, so there’s a lot to look forward to with these two in the picture.

Madonna stated last year that having a talk with Obama was at the top of her bucket list, but she also doubted that she would ever receive an invitation to the President’s home, seeing that she might be a bit too controversial for the White House. It seems that she didn’t give enough credit to President Obama, who was delighted to meet her. It’s a good thing she dressed appropriately, though; otherwise, she would be forced to meet the President in one of her outrageous outfits, and well, wouldn’t that be a great moment to capture.

A meeting of the Leo’s! 🦄. A Cosmic Convergence!! . 2 ❤️#rebelhearts @jimmyfallon

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