Madonna Thinks She Owns NYC


Madonna has had quite a career. Some people think totally deservedly so, others not so much. However, even her biggest fans are pretty much agreeing that it might be best if she hung up her gloves and started enjoying a much-deserved retirement. At least, she should stop doing dumb celebrity stuff like claiming parts of New York City as her own.

It turns out that Madonna’s people (let’s be realistic, under her orders) decided to more or less cordon off a part of a NYC sidewalk in front of her apartment building on the Upper East Side. They put up signs saying Tennant Parking Only and even putting NO PARKING in the cement on the curb. They even put yellow paint on the curb.

Unfortunately for them, a neighbor called them out on it, the authorities came over and instructed Madonna’s people to stop occupying parts of NYC. Unbelievable.

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