Madonna Hires Private Investigator To Check Up On Ritchie


Madonna and her ex-hubby, English director Guy Ritchie have been engaged in a full-on custody war these last few years and we even wrote something about it. It was something about young Rocco deciding to live with his dad because his pop-star-mom’s hectic globe-trotting schedule was a tad too much for him.

These last few months, Rocco has been spending time in London and according to Madonna, he’s been off the leash, so to say. She claims the young man is not going to school, spending his time smoking, skating and doing whatever he feels like doing.

In order to prove this, the mega star has hired a private investigator who is going to do a bit of snooping around London and come back with enough evidence that would enable Madonna to bring some structure to her son’s life. The only thing we can think of is, “That poor kid!”

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