Madonna Goes On The Child Custody Offensive


We’ve written about the ongoing celebrity news saga that is the Madonna vs. Guy Ritchie custody war which has, unfortunately, involved their son Rocco in more than just a supporting role. Well, the story has another chapter and it entails more of the same.

Namely, once Madonna found out that Guy was actually quite a strict father (as opposed to what she had been claiming), she decided to go another way, outreaching to Rocco himself, playing the loving mom card, saying how she misses him and all that crap.

Madonna is a smart lady and she knows the news of Guy actually being a strict father means Rocco is probably getting tired of him and looking for a change of scenery. Only one thing is for sure, we are feeling bad for the young guy. He might have all the money in the world but at the moment, his life sucks. Way to go Madonna and Guy!

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