Madonna Facing Lawsuit Over ‘Hard Candy’ Gym Chain


Superstar Madonna is facing a lawsuit over the name of her gym chain called Hard Candy.

The singer opened branches of her gym brand in Russia and Mexico. She has now been sued by executives at cosmetic giant Hard Candy. They claim she doesn’t own any rights to use the name for her fitness brand, which includes clothing and DVDs.

The legal documents, which were obtained by, accuse the star of trademark infringement and unfair competition.

Executives at Hard Candy cosmetics company, found in 1995 and gained international fame for its popular range of nail polishes, are demanding damages and want the singer to stop using the name.

More on Madonna news, France’s Front National party has become involved in a public feud with the singer, responding angrily after she tweeted that Marine Le Pen’s followers were “fascists”.

The singer took to to post a photo of the front page of Liberation newspaper, which showed a triumphant Miss Le Pen, after her party’s record victory in the European elections.

“Russia. Ukraine. Venezuela. Now France?!” she tweeted, adding the hashtags, “#Fightfascism #fightdiscrimination #fightlynchmobmentality”.

Even more, but somewhat good news for the star, she proclaimed a “revolution of love” and vowed a Detroit comeback. Madonna spent time with students at a local charter school during a quiet homecoming visit.

Michigan-bred star posted a pair of photos on her page marking her trip to Detroit Achievement Academy.

“Discussing Michael Jackson vs. Pharrell Williams!” read the text under a shot of Madonna talking with young students.

“Watch out! Detroit is coming back !!!!!”

Detroit Achievement Academy, founded by organic-apparel entrepreneur Kyle Smitley, opened last fall in the Rosedale Park and Grantmont neighborhoods on the city’s northwest side.

The school aims to provide a free, “world-class education.”

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