Madonna Celebrates Purim Dressed As Daernerys Targaryen

Emilia Clarke’s character Daernerys Targaryen just got a doppelganger on Saturday.
We’re kidding, it’s just Madonna celebrating Purim by dressing up as Daernerys.

Namely, the costumes are a customary part of the celebration that commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people during the Persian Empire.

As a part of celebration of the Jewish family holiday, Madonna posted a photograph of herself online as the “Mother of Dragons”, writing “Happy Purim!!!!! All Hail All Queens!” before invitees started incoming at her annual Purim celebration.

However, Madonna didn’t want her costume be taken incorrectly, so she was sporting a blonde wig with along with Targaryen’s signature braids.

What’s more, she also attached two small dragons on shoulders, while in corseted dress. That’s what we call full dedication to a role.

The Queen of the Pop was born as a Catholic, but since the early 1990 she’s following the Kabbalah teachings of ancient Judaism.

We believe Emilia Clarke, who’s “real” Daernerys will be more than impressed by Madonna’s costume

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