Mad Men’s Jon Hamm Out Of Rehab


Sometimes life can imitate art, and this story is a classic example of that. Jon Hamm is famous for playing Don Draper on the hit show “Mad Men.” As people who follow the famed show know, Draper is an alcoholic. It seems that Hamm got a little too involved in his role and became an alcoholic as well.

As a result, he spent 30 days in a rehab facility recently trying to kick his habit.

Hamm was at the Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut, which is a high-end rehab facility that is associated with Yale University.

His longtime partner Jennifer Westfeldt is very supportive of him and help him a lot during his stay in the facility, according to sources close to the couple.

Hamm was a struggling actor for a very long time before landing the role that would change his life and career. He has won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Draper and as been nominated for an Emmy seven times.

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