Macaulay Culkin Is Starting A Billy Joel Cover Band About Cats


Well, if you thought that a band covering songs by The Velvet Underground and putting a pizzas twist on them was ridiculous, you should know that the world’s most famous former child actor, Macaulay Culkin, has a new music project in store that will be even better than his current band.

After making hits such as I’m Beginning To Eat The Sline, All The Pizza Parties and Pizza Gal, Culkin plans to dedicate his new band to Billy Joel covers.  About cats. And believe it or not, the band will be called Pussy Joel.

After announcing this idea to fans at a gig in Boston, Culkin handed out slices of pizza to everyone in the audience.

Finally, although Vanyaland acknowledges that all of this could be a joke, no one expected a Velvet Underground parody band to make it big, but it did.

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