Love Between Jewish And Muslim Men? Madonna Says Yes


The Queen of Pop has sparked controversy with her new Instagram post and also made a powerful statement about same-sex love.

Madonna has posted a romantic picture of a Muslim man kissing a Jewish man, captioned with a heart emoji and the hashtag #rebelhearts, the title of her latest album.

The provocative picture initiated a heated debate between people who argue that gay love is an offence towards the religions which do not accept homosexuality and those who support love in any shape or form.

One fan wrote that “Islam doesn’t support homosexuality and if someone doesn’t like that then they don’t have to be Muslim. Its that’s simple,” while another comment read: “I’m arab, and I found this great! People have the right to be whoever they want to be and be who they really are…”

Madonna previously posted a picture of Margaret Thatcher with the caption #rebelheart, but had to delete it after followers complained.

This image is đź’Ż.#rebelhearts

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