Lorde And Gary Oldman Pay Tribute To David Bowie At Brit Awards


It’s time for another David Bowie medley! Only weeks after Lady Gaga paid tribute to the late musician at the Grammy awards by performing a medley of his songs, Lorde honored the music legend at the Brit awards. However, Lorde had the advantage of playing with the people who, at some point, used to perform with Bowie himself. What’s even more amazing is that they were reunited for this occasion after more than ten years.

David Bowie’s old friend Gary Oldman also took the opportunity to say a few words in his honor. He said that Bowie was an incredibly courageous, optimistic and downright funny guy, even in the most difficult of times. He remembered the time when Bowie told him that he had cancer, with the singer concluding that, on the bright side, he “got his cheekbones back.”

Here’s how Oldman ended his speech:

“He was the sweetest soul ever . . . David, you were mortal but your potential was superhuman and your remarkable music is living on. We love you and we thank you.”

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