Looks Like Rob Kardashian Hates His Family


Rob Kardashian seems to be sick of being a Kardashian and is doing everything it takes to distance himself from them. It is most clear that he really does not like Kim in particular. As most readers will remember, Rob ditched Kim’s wedding in Italy right before the family was supposed to take a photo together.

And now he is sending messages via Instagram that are pretty much accusing Kim of being a psycho. In a recent Instagram post, he compared Kim to Amy Dunne, and if you have watched “Gone Girl,” then you know that she is the psycho who ended up klling her ex-boyfriend in the movie (sorry for the spoiler, but you should have seen the flick by now).

Rob has been doing his best for quite some time now to stay out of the spotlight and it seems that he has pretty much disowned his family. We have also learned that he has now unfollowed his entire family on Instagram, which is pretty much like spitting in the face of a reality star! Low blow, Rob!

This is my sister kim , the bitch from Gone Girl,,,

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