Looks Like J-Lo And Casper Smart Are An Item Again


Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart have broken up and gotten back together more times than we can count. But if you read a little into her latest Instagram post, it would seem that the two are in fact an item once again. She posted her #MondayManCrush on Instagram, and surprisingly enough, it was Casper.

Also, they were recently spotted holding hands backstage at the VITY Launch Party in Los Angeles. Lopez, who is 45, has not said anything officially about whether she is back together with her 28-year-old boy toy, but it looks pretty obvious that they are.

The only confusing thing about the situation is that Lopez stated in early April that she was single and very happy about it. Well, a month has passed and it looks as if she’s changed her mind about that. Hopefully they are back together and happy, because they truly do make an adorable couple.

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