Lois Tomlinson Turned Out To Be The Best Dad


Many a young girl shed tears as boyband One Direction officially fell apart last year, and to be frank, the band members really aren’t boys anymore.

Lois Tomlinson, 24, became a father this January, and has been sharing custody with his ex-girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth, ever since. Tomlinson made an agreement with his ex where he will get to see his son Freddie occasionally and exactly that happened yesterday, when two young parents met and Lois got to be with his son for about ninety minutes.

The celebrity singer even moved to Los Angeles to make this modern family arrangement possible, and for now it seems to be working. Although there was a lot of buzz about the Lois-Briana relationship, the two seem to be on friendly terms with each other, or at least, they are quite cordial.

Tomlinson is currently dating the actress Danielle Campbell, but that doesn’t seem to bother the mother of his firstborn, who looks stunning only months after giving birth.

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