Lisa Kudrow’s The Comeback Is Back


Actress Lisa Kudrow will reprise her role in cult TV beloved The Comeback, when it returns for a limited run after nearly 10 years off the air.

The former Friends star had her role in the mockumentary-style comedy back in 2005, but the show was cancelled after only a season on air.

The series earned three Emmy nominations and was also very popular in the following years. Now the bosses at America’s HBO network have officially revealed the series will be back with six new episodes this autumn.

In the series, Lisa portrays a washed-up actress Valerie Cherish, who stars in her own reality TV show with an intention to revive her career.

Lisa also shared her enthusiasm for the series’ comeback, so she released a short statement, which reads, “It was almost too fun play Valerie Cherish the first time around. I look forward to revisiting this resilient and ironically self-unaware character.”

Valerie Cherish is a D list actress who was an A lister back in the early 90s. Now, the things have changed for her. She is unemployed, married, and has a much harder time getting recognized in the Hollywood actor arena. She is now embarking on making a comeback with a camera crew documenting her trials and triumphs of her journey on doing so.

The show was created by Kudrow herself and Sex and the City’s Michael Patrick King.

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