Lindsey Lohan Not Giving Up On Relationship


Sources close to actress Lindsay Lohan say that she is not giving up on her relationship just yet. They say that she has told friends that she still wants to marry her Russian millionaire fiancé Egor Tarabasov, despite what happened last week.

Last weekend, the cops came down to break down the door of her London apartment after the troubled celebrity woke up her entire neighborhood, screaming that Tarabasov was trying to strangle her.

Sources close to the couple say that they are viewing that incident as a simple bump in the road and that they are still in love and plan on getting married soon.

However, there are friends around Lohan who believe that the couple needs to make some changes, namely, that she needs to stop making excuses for her fiancé’s short temper and violent outbursts.

The couple got engaged in April, though they have yet to set a wedding date. We’ll just have to wait and see if this recent trouble in paradise was an isolated incident.

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