Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Says The Star Is Not Pregnant


Is Lindsay Lohan pregnant? Her mom Dina says that she isn’t.

Last week, the troubled celebrity made headlines after a heated argument with her fiance Egor Tarabasov, which ended with the London police breaking her door open to make sure she was alright.

During that time of upheaval, Lohan made social media posts accusing her Russian millionaire boyfriend of cheating on her with Russian prostitutes and even alluded to being pregnant. Dina claims that Lindsay was lying, trying to make Tarabasov feel bad.

The pregnancy rumors took a new twist recently when pictures of Lohan surfaced recently in which she was seen partying on a boat, sporting a considerable belly, while smoking and drinking beers.

Her mom Dina says that her daughter is currently blowing off some steam and taking a break from Tarabasov to cool off.

However, she confirmed that Lohan is not done with the relationship and still wants to marry Tarabasov eventually. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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