Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Her Russian Bae


We wrote about Lindsay Lohan (one of our favorite celebrities ever, btw) and her new relationship with a young Russian man Egor Tarabasov yesterday. Today, we will be giving you the most interesting things she shared with the interviewers from The Sun.

For instance, she shared the fact that the two of them met last summer and they have been together for about seven months. She added that she was really happy with the young heir to oligarch millions and that he was a great guy.

She also shared her feelings on the new life she found in London. For one, she said that it was a move she made for herself and that she does things primarily for herself and by herself. She also mentioned she is leaving a much healthier lifestyle in the British capital, getting up at 9 a.m. and meditating, trying to keep herself away from bad old habits. Oh yeah, she also shared a cute story about running into Harry Styles.

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