Lindsay Lohan Is Finally Going To Jail?


Lindsay Lohan has hit the headlines a lot during the past few weeks and now she is in the spotlight once more for failing to complete community service for a second time. She still has a slim chance to avoid jail time, but the odds are simply against her this time.

Namely, the troubled actress has three days to complete 15 days’ worth of community service which is pretty unlikely.  In a nutshell, she has until Wednesday to complete the remained of her community service. If she fails to do so, Lohan will end up in jail since we doubt that the judge is going to have understanding for her community service avoidance.

Actually, the judge is certainly going to recommend it as Lohan postponed her community service to visit Bora Bora. Lohan also claimed that she contracted a rare virus during her visit to the French Polynesian island, but some people think that she made it all up to create an excuse for not completing all the necessary hours of community service.

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