Lindsay Lohan, Complete Your Community Service Already!


Lindsay Lohan is in trouble because she failed to complete her sentenced 125 hours of community service once gain.

The troubled actress only completed 9 hours and 45 minutes, and a judge told her lawyer that she needs to complete the remaining 116 hours by May 28. Since the hours were supposed to be completed this past February, we seriously doubt that she will meet her second deadline. According to TMZ, her lawyer Shawn Holley told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A.

Young that his client was unable to complete her sentence because she had no money in London to pay for the car service needed to drive her to the organization. What an excuse! Odd as it may seem, the judge fell for this story and has given her another chance.

She can complete the remaining hours in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Community Center but, “if it is not done by May 28, there will be consequences.”

Yup, like anyone believes that.

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