Lindsay Lohan Bags Herself A Russian Millionaire


For a while, it seemed Lindsay Lohan would be one of those celebrity cautionary tales of drugs and alcohol and lost careers. And then, in true Lohan fashion, she came up with a solution which happens to be bagging herself a Russian oligarch’s son, 22 years old and ready to foot the bills all over the world.

The guy’s name is Egor Tarabasov and his daddy is one of those scary Russian “businessmen” who made their money after the fall of the Soviet empire. The boy – let’s call spade a spade – was schooled in England, of course, and he is rumored to have a real estate company of his own.

It really is a win-win situation. She gets to enjoy the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to and the young Russian man can say he is dating Lyindsyey Lyohany. Ah, young love.


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