Leslie Jones Shuts Down Website After Hack


Poor Leslie Jones seems to have a target on her back. At least on the Internet.

The dark side of the web seems to hate the actress, and we’re not really sure why. After having to deal with racist trolls on Twitter recently, Jones‘ website has now been hacked and has been taken down.

According to people who saw the website before it was taken down, the hackers posted nude photos of her on the site along with some very personal information.

JustLeslie.com is the website in question. The hackers posted incredibly personal documents on it, such as Jones‘ passport and driver’s license. Stolen nude photos of the “Ghostbusters” star were apparently posted on the website as well.

Jones has been getting hated on online for some time, and no one is really sure why there are people out there who really can’t stand the former SaturdayNight Live star.

The celebrity comedian has been contacted for a statement, but has yet to say anything about the attack on her website. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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