Leonardo DiCaprio Surprises Everyone On SNL


An amazing thing happened during last weekend’s (January 25th-26th) comedy show, Saturday Night Live. In the middle of the show, Leonardo DiCaprio showed up and amazed the entire audience.
While Jonah Hill was hosting the sketch series and making his opening monologue, a few fake members of the audience kept jumping up to quiz him about the new movie The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.
Hill was joking when he said that DiCaprio actually wasn’t meant to star in the film. He also implied that the director, Martin Scorsese, asked him if they should hire the Hollywood superstar.
During Hill’s act, DiCaprio walked onto the stage, getting an amazing applause from the audience.
Joining in the comedy sketch, DiCaprio explained his appearance, making fun of the situation. “I actually came here to support you, I’ve been backstage the whole time… Why don’t you just be honest about what you’re doing right now.”
After that, Hill was honest and said, “I was, like, being a big shot.”

They finished this part of the show by recreating the iconic “I’m flying” scene from Titanic. Of course, Hill took the role of Kate Winslet while DiCaprio hugged him from behind. So romantic!
Beside Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Cera, Hill’s Superbad pal, also made an appearance on the show, and turned up in a parody of the movie Her.

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