Leonard Nimoy Taken To Hospital For Chest Pains


According to news that broke yesterday, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy has been taken to the hospital after what some sources close to the actor called severe chest pains. Nimoy called 911 after the chest pains began and he was promptly taken to the UCLA Medical Center last week.

The actor, known for his legendary role as Captain Spock in the classic Star Trek series, was seen by doctor immediately, but there is no word yet on how he is doing. The actor, who is now 83 years old, has been in and out of hospitals several times over the last few months.
According to sources close to Nimoy, he blames his health problems on the fact that he used to smoke a lot, even though he quit over 30 years ago.
Media have contacted Nimoy’s agents, but they are still waiting for some concrete details about the actor’s health status.

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