Leo DiCaprio Is Andre 3000’s Choice To Play Andre 3000

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As the world anxiously awaits the Jimi Hendrix biopic, Andre 3000 already has his eyes on another project.

While there is no official talk about the actual movie about Outkast, Andre used the opportunity during a press conference to throw some ideas out as to who would be ideal to play him and his partner Big Boi in a movie about the group.

The multi-talented rapper, who will by all accounts shine in his role as the legendary rocker, said that he would like the possible Outkast movie to be something quirky and funny. He then went on to say that “somebody stupid” should be cast, somebody like Leo DiCaprio.

We’re sure that by “stupid” he meant “funny” and that he did not refer to DiCaprio’s actual mental abilities, but to the casting itself. Anyway, his weird idea obviously caused some confusion and, of course, rumors, leaving people wondering if he’s for real.

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