Lena Dunham Apologizes For Sexual Predator Joke, Says She Didn’t Want To Offend Anyone


After US blog Truth Revolt blatantly accused 28-year-old actress Lena Dunham of sexually abusing her then one-year-old sibling, the Golden Globe winning actress gave an official statement to TIME, admitting she was insensitive and stressing that she in no way condones abuse.

“I am dismayed over the recent interpretation of events described in my book ‘Not That Kind of Girl’. First and foremost, I want to be very clear that I do not condone any kind of abuse under any circumstances.

Childhood sexual abuse is a life-shattering event for so many, and I have been vocal about the rights of survivors. If the situations described in my book have been painful or triggering for people to read, I am sorry, as that was never my intention. I am also aware that the comic use of the term ‘sexual predator’ was insensitive, and I’m sorry for that as well.

As for my sibling, Grace, she is my best friend, and anything I have written about her has been published with her approval.”

In a passage in her memoir Not That Kind of Girl, Dunham recalls leaning down between her sister’s legs to “carefully spread open her vagina,” and shrieking when she discovered it was full of “six or seven pebbles”.

Lena initially branded Truth Revolt’s article disgusting for taking a passage out of her book out of context.  She took to Twitter to express her anger.

“The right wing news story that I molested my little sister isn’t just LOL- it’s really f**king upsetting and disgusting. I told a story about being a weird 7 year old. I bet you have some too, old men, that I’d rather not hear. And yes, this is a rage spiral. (sic)”

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