Legendary Guitarist Joe Perry Collapses On Stage


Joe Perry, known for his work as the guitarist in the legendary Boston rock band Aerosmith, collapsed on stage last night while playing with a new supergroup called Hollywood Vampires.

According to the latest reports, the guitarist is currently in stable condition. Facebook and Twitter comments from the show mentioned that Perry didn’t look good all night, and that he was seen staggering off stage a couple of times to get treated.

Another legend who plays in the new supergroup, singer Alice Cooper, confirmed on Twitter that Perry is currently stable and at the hospital with his friends and family. The Hollywood Vampires’ official Twitter account confirmed the same information.

Cooper claimed that Perry was already feeling sick before the show, but refused to bow out. The group was playing in Brooklyn.

One report states that Perry had to receive CPR from a New York City fireman, who was in attendance at the show.

Some people who saw Perry at the meet and greet before the show claim that while he looked thin and frail, the celebrity guitarist seemed to be fine. But once the show started, it was obvious that Perry was not feeling well and by the second song, he was already leaving the stage to get help.

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