Lawrence And Hoult Keep Relationship Strong By Ignoring Each Other


Couple Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have a strange way of keeping their relationship strong when they are apart, but it seems to be working for them.

The couple stated that when they are apart and working on different projects in different places, they completely ignore each other.

That’s right – they don’t call or text at all when they are not in the same city. Lawrence says that instead of incessantly texting and calling each other when they are apart, they try to keep their contact down to a minimum.

She said that neither of them gets made when one doesn’t pick up the phone or text back immediately, adding that “life is busy” and that they each have their own lives to live.

Lawrence said that the foundation of a good relationship is all about trust and that there is plenty of it between her and her British boyfriend Hoult.

There were earlier reports that Lawrence is the jealousy type and that the Hunger Games star has a hard time being apart from Hoult and trusting him. But she said that it is far from the truth.

Commenting on tabloid stories that claimed that she was jealous of the fact that Hoult might be co-starting with the sexy Kristen Stewart in a new movie, Lawrence said that the story was funny.

She said that Stewart is a good friend of hers and that they both had a nice laugh over the story. Lawrence even texted Stewart a picture of the article and had some fun with it.

It seems that the plan of not being so attached when far away from each other is working and that the couple have a thriving and very strong relationship despite the fact that they are very regularly located on different continents.

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