‘Late Night’ Honors Robin Williams


David Letterman paid his tribute to the late actor Robin Williams by playing a 10-minute video featuring some of Robin’s appearances on the show. David recalled the good times with the actor, showing and sharing his respect for him.

He remembers, “They introduced Robin Williams, and for some reason in the beginning he was introduced as being from Scotland. They said he was Scottish. So now we’re stumped…All of a sudden he comes up on stage and you know what it is. It’s like nothing we had ever seen before—nothing we had ever imagined before. We go home at night and are writing our little jokes about stuff, and this guy comes in and we’re like morning dew—this guy’s like a hurricane. And now, the longer he’s on stage, the worse we feel about ourselves. Because it’s not stopping!”

“He finishes and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s it, they’re gonna have to put an end to show business because what can happen after this?’ We get to see this night after night after night and we didn’t approach him because we were afraid of him. Honest to God, you thought, ‘Holy cap, there goes my chance at show business because of this guy from Scotland!'”

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