“Last Witch Hunter” Role Helped Vin Diesel Cope With Paul Walker’s Passing


It has been well documented how much of a hard time Vin Diesel has had and still has when it comes to dealing with the death of his friend and Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker. Diesel recently said that one of his more recent roles really helped him cope with the loss.

He said that the role of an immortal that he played in “Last Witch Hunter” really helped him put things into perspective. He said that it was interesting to play someone who couldn’t die but still felt sorrow, adding that playing a character that was always masking his pain helped him to deal with Walker’s death.

Walker died in late 2013 while he was still filming the Furious 7. Vin promised that the movie would be finished in honor of his friend and the movie performed incredibly well at the box office, with many fans wanting to see Walker on the big screen for the last time.

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