Larry Flynt Wants To Buy Hugh Hefner’s Crib


We wrote about Hugh Hefner putting the Playboy Mansion on sale some time ago and today we are finding out that the first offer has rolled in, from none other than Larry Flynt, his Brother in Smut. According to TMZ sources, Hustler’s owner is turning this into a power move.

Namely, he offered Hef just $80 million, which is significantly less than the asking price of $200. He initially wanted to offer only $40 mill, but he doubled the offer because of the property’s iconic image. Once the owner of the mansion, Flynt wants to turn it into the Hustler Mansion.

To add to insult, Larry allegedly also offered Hef a job, asking him to write a column for his mag and to choose the girls who will feature in Hustler.

These are really sad times for Playboy.


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