Lamar Takes A Hike With Kim And Khloe


Recently, we wrote about Khloe Kardashian leasing a house near hers for Lamar Odom, so she can help him with his recovery and (probably) keep an eye on him. Well, it seems that the entire Kardashian Konglomerate is getting involved as we are learning about a hike that Lamar took in Khloe’s company, which also featured the Mother Superior of the Kardashians, Kim herself.

The Kardashians wouldn’t be the Kardashians if they didn’t publicize the whole thing, this time by streaming it live as it was happening. The stream featured a twist worthy of Hollywood movies, with Lamar never being shown entirely, but with the shadows and the details clearly indicating that the NBA star was with them.

According to people close to Lamar and the Kardashians, he had no troubles completing the hike and was really, really glad that he could finish it in its entirety.

Go Lamar!

Khloe also left a rather strange message on her Instagram account:

Read more about Lamar and his recovery:

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