Lamar Odom’s Ruin Actually Broke The Internet In 2015


The tragic events that caused former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom to end up unconscious in a Nevada brothel topped Google’s list of the most popular searches in 2015. His four-day debauchery in the Nevada Love Ranch in October attracted worldwide attention and it seems that not only basketball fans were worried about Odom’s fate. Then again, he is not your average sports celebrity, no.

Lamar married Khloe Kardashian in 2009 while he was still part of the team that won its second consecutive National Basketball Association championship. That’s, however, behind him now, as he hasn’t played in the NBA since 2013. Internet users were more interested in Odom’s downfall that in the terrorist attack at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and basically any other event that had an actual impact on the world.

As far as the US are concerned, Jurassic World, American Sniper, Caitlyn Jenner, who was Odom’s father-in-law before transitioning to a woman, and Ronda Rousey ranked behind Lamar. Americans were apparently not the least bit concerned about word affairs. Robin Williams’ suicide made him Google’s top search topic last year. The bottom line is that celebrity tragedy tends to generate far more searches than anything else happening in the world.

You can check out all Google trends here.

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