Lamar Odom’s Favorite Ladies Are Back On The Job


Lamar Odom’s ordeal has been quite a source of news these last few weeks and today, we are learning about a couple of very important participants in the whole story, the ladies who were with him that faithful night – Monica Monroe and Ryder Cherry (there is a possibility these are not their real names, but never mind).

Namely, the latest news (obtained by TMZ, of course) is telling us that the ladies have finally been cleared by the owner of Love Ranch South, Dennis Hof, who finally decided to believe the girls in their insistence that they had nothing to do with Odom’s unfortunate event.

Being the cynical bastards that we are, we cannot help but think that Mr. Hof probably just realized the girls have become great crowd-pullers and that he would have to be insane not to cash in on it. So he has.

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