Lamar Odom Looked Good At Kanye’s Fashion Show


It was nice to see Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian in public together again. This was the first joint appearance of the Hollywood celebrities since the two broke up several years ago. As most people know, Odom overdosed in a brothel late last year and fell into a coma.

It has been a long recovery and there is still a ways to go, but overall, he’s looking pretty good. Of course, Khloe has been by his side the entire time, even though they are still officially divorced.

They stepped out on the town together last night to attend Kanye West’s fashion show/album listening party at Madison Square Garden in New York City Last night. And since West is Khloe’s sister’s Kim Kardashian’s husband, the entire Kardashian clan was of course in attendance.

Lamar and Khloe were together the entire night, and looked as if they were enjoying each other’s company. It’s been a rough relationship, which was detailed on television, but could they really be getting back together?

It looks more than possible – we’d say probable.

Check out more photos from Kanye’s show:

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