Lady Gaga’s Being Kind of Trashy About Her Engagement Ring


Pop star Lady Gaga and her longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney are finally engaged! The Chicago Fire star popped the question to Gaga on Valentine’s Day and she can’t stop talking about her amazing engagement ring.

She posted a picture on Instagram of her huge, heart-shaped ring, and boy is it enormous. She said that the favorite part of the ring is the inscription, which reads “T <3 S” – Taylor loves Stefani (Gaga’s real name).

The inscription is written out in white diamonds and it really sparkles and shines. She added that Taylor never calls her Gaga and that he has called her Stefani since their first date, which she really loves.

According to jewelers who are in the know, the ring is worth a tremendous $500,000, if not more!
Lady Gaga is not the only one who loves the ring, many fans and celebrities expressed their admiration for the ring. Even Britney Spears congratulated Gaga online and showed her appreciation for the massive engagement ring.

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