Lady Gaga Has A Surprise In Store For Her Fans


Mother Monster Lady Gaga welcomed 2016 in good spirits. Just a few days into the New Year, the controversial artist won a Golden Globe for her brilliant performance in ‘’American Horror Story: Hotel,’ adding another prestigious award to her long list of honors and recognitions.

Hopefully, this will also mark the beginning of another era for Gaga – one where she’ll start making good music again. According to the pop superstar herself, we can expect her to release a new album in 2016. At the Golden Globes, she told the press that she’s looking forward to recording new songs and that we can all expect to hear some amazing tunes in the near future.

Well, we just hope that the album will be better than “Artpop,” Gaga’s third studio effort which proved to be a failure among both critics and fans. Of course, after listening to 2014’s “Cheek to Cheek’’ – Gaga’s collaboration with Tony Bennet – chances are that this year’s album will blow everyone’s minds.

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