L. Jackson Encourages Male Fans To Test For Cancer


Hollywood icon, actor Samuel L. Jackson, is now urging his male fans to take care of their health in a new campaign promoting the awareness about testicular cancer.

He has teamed up with MyGoodness.com and they are planning to launch a fundraising drive for male cancer charity One For The Boys. He recorded a video message in which he encourages men to take regular tests to prevent early signs of cancer to go unnoticed.

In this two-minute video, Samuel uses his language to urge fans to get checked. He asked,

“Have you got balls?”

Then the star continues,

“Fact: 30 per cent more men die of cancer than women. Whaaat? Get outta (sic) here! That’s right: 30 per cent. Thirty motherf**king per cent. Why? Because they don’t get themselves checked out early enough. They don’t want to hear or talk about it, because it ain’t (sic) the manly thing to do. They’re too macho.”

He adds,

“By not getting checked, you could lose those balls. Hell – you could lose your life! So boys, don’t be dumb. If you’ve really got balls, show them to your doctor.”

The video was released on Wednesday, April 16 as a joint project with MyGoodness.com, where fans can enter to win a weekend in London, together with a lunch date with the star.

The lucky winner will also get invited to join him at a fashion ball he will be hosting in the U.K. on June 15, to benefit One For The Boys. Samuel became their spokesman in 2013.

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