Kylie Jenner Wishes Her Friend A Happy Birthday With An N-Word Cake


We like to give our opinion on pretty much anything here at Celebrity Dirt, but there is one thing we never get into – arguing about who, when and in what situation can or should use the N-word. We’re not touching that with a 10-foot pole. That is why we’ll be covering the latest piece of Jenner-Kardashian news with complete and utter factuality.

Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, who also happens to be African-American by the way, was celebrating her birthday and Kylie hosted the party this Wednesday. Kylie also organized the whole cake thing and the problem with the cake was that it came with a decorative heart which read Happy Birthday N***a.

Kylie denies the rumor, while Jordyn says that she did receive such a cake, but “from friends”. And there you have it. You decide which stance to take on this.

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