Kylie Jenner Wears Butt Pads?


We all know that Kylie Jenner likes to use butt enhancing creams when she is in a bikini, but what does she used when her butt is clothed? Apparently, she wears Spanx that have butt pads built into them!

Jenner posted a picture on SnapChat singing the praises of the spandex pants she was wearing. A fan posted on Twitter laughing at the picture, saying that Jenner was wearing butt pads. The younger Jenner sister made sure to let everyone know what she was wearing. She said that they were Spanx, and she even posted a link to wear you can buy them.

So if you want these spandex pants with the butt pads and that shape your stomach, hips and thighs as well, you can get them for about $44 at Target. And if you are still curious, they are available in two colors – black and soft nude. So there you go.

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