Kylie Jenner Says She’s Better Off Without Tyga


Kylie Jenner and Tyga, whose on and off relationship flooded the headlines for more than two years, called it quits once again. Their split, which both sides claim is for good this time, happened a few days before the Met Gala. According to sources close to the reality star, Kylie was pretty ticked off that Tyga had the nerve to attend the gala, given the fact that he was invited only because of his relationship with her.

When it comes to the reasons for their dramatic split, it seems that Tyga is somewhat of an obstacle for young Kylie. Namely, while she, being young, beautiful, and filthy rich, wants to travel the world and party all day long, Tyga wants to focus on his music and lead a quiet life. Kylie will have none of it, so there was basically nothing else to do than to break up.

Moreover, insiders report that their relationship hasn’t been any good since their previous split in 2015, as they kept fighting nonstop over stupid things like what to post on social media, where to eat, etc.

If nothing else, we’re sure Blac Chyna is thrilled to hear the news.

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