Kristen Stewart Unveils Her Emotional Side


Even though many of us will always associate her name with her astonishingly average performance in “Twilight”, it seems that Kristen Stewart is taking steps towards breaking the preconceived notions people have about her.

Good for her, since another movie like Twilight would probably bury her acting career deeper than you could ever bury a werewolf (or a vampire). In an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, she said she is “unabashedly raw” when it comes to emotions, and she added:

I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve, sometimes that provides a little bit of a tougher road, but for me it’s definitely more preferable.

She came to realize this on the set of her new movie, an indie drama “Equals,” dealing with humans losing all ability to feel (irony at its finest). She delivered a notable performance and actually managed to have seriously emotional and honest scenes with her co-star Nicholas Hoult. We can only hope that she will keep up the pace and rid herself free of the common opinion that she’s not the best of actors because of her lack of emotions.

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