Kris Jenner Talks About Son’s Problems Openly


Reality star Kris Jenner, and matriarch of the Kardashian family, has told reporters that her son Rob Kardashian is definitely going through some issues.

In an interview with the E! network, she said that Rob is going through some emotional problems, but she did not want to get into details. Also, she was asked if daughter Kourtney is pregnant with her third child, and even though she did not confirm it, she did not deny it either.

But getting back to the issue of Rob, Kris said that her son is currently in Los Angeles and that he is trying to “find out what makes him tick.” She also added that she supports him unconditionally and will continue to do so.

Rob has not been out and about and has really left the spotlight completely. He is not participating in the reality show any longer and not making any public appearances.

Kris said that Rob is currently working on himself and that he is going to be okay at the end of the day.

And when the questions shifted back to Kourtney and whether she was having another child, Kris did not deny anything, instead she said that people who want to know should watch the latest episodes of the show, because they might be pleasantly surprised.

So there you have it – Rob is a recluse, Kourtney might be pregnant again and Kim Kardashian returned from her European honeymoon without her husband and with no ring on her ringer. Just another week in the life of the Kardashians.

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