Kris Jenner Rejects Claims That Her New Boo Is A Stalker


It’s hard finding new love, especially when you are famous and wealthy and possibly have trust issues. Kris Jenner seems to be head over heels for her new boyfriend Corey Gamble and apparently doesn’t want to ruin what they got by believing any silly rumor she hears.

This is probably why she decided to believe him when he says he’s not a stalker, despite his ex-girlfriend’s allegations.

Corey Gamble’s ex has a restraining order against him, which she obtained after he allegedly followed her around, had her car tracked, and would even get rough with her and leave bruises.

Kris Jenner says she trusts Gamble since he’s not the kind of man who would use her for notoriety. In fact, she says he already had his chance to exploit other people’s fame, being Justin Beiber’s tour manager and all.

She says he’s more of a “background guy” who’s not particularly into exploiting other people’s fame and money and getting a piece of the spotlight.

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