Kris Jenner Is Still Bashing Caitlyn Jenner


In the latest episode of “Milking Every Last Bit Of The Kardashians” we got to see some more aggressive remarks, gossip about boob jobs, and a whole lot of expensive stuff – just like every other episode! Apparently, the main plot twist was when Kim Kardashian West was talking with her sister Khloé Kardashian, confiding to her that she wants a boob job.

Why? Because she visited Caitlyn Jenner on set during her VF photo shoot and Caitlyn was so comfortable and relaxed that she changed her clothes in front of Kim. Ignoring the fact that Kim is speaking about the boobs of a woman who was once a man, this is all pretty cute and honest. But then we got to see some more juicy action – Kris Jenner had a chance to give us more insight on how she feels about this entire Bruce-Caitlyn situation, and boy, did she deliver. She said:

Bruce came over the day before he was going to do that article. We had a great life, we had a great marriage. … He can go f— himself. I honestly wish I had never met this man. F— you, Bruce.

We guess that’s exactly how it sounds when somebody’s infuriated, but to her defence, coping with your husband turning into a woman doesn’t seem like the easiest of things.

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