Kris Jenner Dressing Like Daughter Kim


Kris Jenner might be on the verge of 60, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t pull off some of the same closes that her 34-year-old bombshell daughter wears. She proved this by stepping out on the town in New York on Tuesday wearing the same leather jacket that we’ve seen Kim Kardashian rock in the past.

Kim wore the jacket while attending the Super Bowl in February, so enough time has passed for Kris to give it a whirl. Even the rest of the ensemble mimicked what Kim was wearing when she wore the jacket. She matched it with a low-cut v-neck shirt and tight black pants. She even had similar dark sunglasses on, even though she was going out at night.

And if you ask us, she looked absolutely great. Age is just a number, and if you’re confident enough to pull of a younger look, and Kris is, we say go for it!

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